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Various Kinds Of Breast Implant Surgery

Women in the United States can choose which type of breast implant they will choose, it’s either saline implant, silicone gel and the recent cohesive gel. How do they differ? How will you know which breast implant is best for you?

Presently, a lot of women go to their plastic surgeon and have a breast augmentation to make their breast get bigger and firmer. Young woman are eager to have their breast get bigger especially those that has small bust while older woman wants to make their sag breast look perky like young women have. But both ages want the same goal, to have a sexier bust and more of a feminine appeal.

Saline breast implant is the first and longest type of implant in the United States. In the year 1992, silicone gel were banned in the market by the FDA because of the problems encountered. During the fourteen years of banned silicone gel, plastic surgeon used only saline type of breast implant.
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Saline implant still exists in a present-day because it’s safe to use. The human body accepts the saltwater solution thus making it safe to our body system. In case of a leakage of the saline implant, it will just absorb and freely be excreted by urine.
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This type of breast implant require a small cut or incision because the solution will only be added once the surgeon has positioned the shell inside the breast. The problem with saline is that you won’t feel it like a real breast. It may be safe for many but saline do not imitate as a real breast tissue just like silicone implants.

FDA studied and tested silicone gel implant while it was banned for fourteen years. In year 2006, finally the FDA approved it in unconditional use for breast implant. Though many are still skeptical with the safety of it.

An ultimate drawback of silicone gel is that whenever rupture occurs, it is difficult for a surgeon to detect it, unlike saline where it deflates immediately. Undergoing an MRI scan for every two years is fully recommended by FDA for women who have silicone implants to identify if a rupture or leak occurs. Sadly, MRI is too expensive and it is not often covered by health insurance because breast surgery is considered cosmetic.

Cohesive gel implant is the latest type of breast augmentation, it is also known as gummy bear implant. Instead of liquid, it is filled with solid cohesive gel having no leakage. This is not FDA approved yet because they need a long time of study and also this kind of implant has larger incision resulting in a bigger scar making it a drawback.

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